Interview with Jan Šedivý

A short interview with our Czech runner Jan Šedivý.

1. So Jan, how are you doing at the moment? Are you free from injuries and start preparations for next season?

Hello everyone, I´m okay right now and I started to train for next season already.

2. If we turn back in time, how was season 2008 for you? What was your best results?

Season 2008 wasn´t very pleasant for me. Year started good, I made a lot of fair training periods and I felt, that I could make some good results on WOC. Unfortunately at the turn of winter and spring I had to stop training, because of big pain in my leg. I was resting for almost two months. And after Euromeeting I had also some problem with my achilles tendon, so It was depressive for me. In spite of these circumstances I achieved some good results for me: Euromeeting sprint 1st place, Czech championship long distance 2nd place.

3. You did not qualify for woc at your homeground, so I guess you want to make your second woc next season, what is important things for you to make that possible?

For all sportsmen is the most important to be in good health whole season and for me it´s key thing.

4. What disciplines do you like the most?

It depends on actual shape and on the type of terrain. But the most interesting for me is the middle distance.

5. How does a normal training week look for you?

I train mainly alone, except trainings in athletic track and map trainings. I have about seven running trainings per week and except them I also play football, swim and in winter I ski.

6. You study right now, is it tough to make good training when you study? What do you study and when will you finish your studies?

I study economic university in Jindrichuv Hradec (140km southern from Prague). It´s sometime time-consuming. I hope I will finish in June, but it will be hard.

7. 10mila 2009 will be for first time in Skåne, it is possible that you will run last leg next year, what do you think about that? I think that terrain in skåne will be really good for a Czech runner, have you been there orienteering before?

It´s very motivative have chance to run last leg for Stora Tuna and I hope I´ll be helpful on whatever leg I could run. I haven´t been in Skane so far, but I know, that it´s fast continental terrain.

Good luck with training this winter!

Thank you, I wish the same all Stora Tuna runners!