Schweizisk orienterare söker bostad

Detta mail kom till oss. Ifall du har lust att hjälpa till och ha Beat inneboende hos dig, kontakta Ola Granath
– – – – –

My name is Beat Roth and I’m a 20 year old Swiss- Orienteerer. I’ve finished school last January and spent the last 3 month in the army.
Before I’ll take up my studies in Zürich in the middle of October, I’d like to spend a longer time in Scandinavia, to improve my ”map-technique” and to learn Swedish.
So I’m searching for a club where I can stay for about 2 months just after the 5-Dagars with a family, what would be perfect because of the language, or in a clubhouse.
Of course I would do some work for the family, the club or for a firm to cover board and lodging.
In Switzerland I’m running for the OLG Biberist since 12 years and this year I could, as a highlight, take part of the Ski-O-JWOC in Italia. But
unfortunately, in Foot-orienteering I couldn’t reach a selection for a national team yet. Whit this probable stay I hope to reach also a higher skill on the map.

So if there’s a possibility to find a place for the period from August till end of September for me, I would be very glad to hear of you.

with the best greetings
Beat Roth